Rob Kennedy

Head of IT

Rob is the Head of IT and Infrastructure at Stellar. Landing this role in 2023, he’s been steering Stellar’s tech ship since he made the jump from South Africa in 2021. With a strong affinity for open-source, he’s notched up 20 years in the IT game.

At the heart of his tech-driven career lies a deep-rooted love for gaming. From setting up coax networks so he could play Doom 2 multiplayer with his brother, to being involved in setting up iBurst infrastructure for Ghana, DRC, Kenya, and Mozambique, bringing internet to people in rural areas.

Known for being fun-loving and easy to chat with, he’s always on a mission to ensure Stellar stays at the forefront of technology. And while Rob brings a lot to the table, there’s one quirky mystery about him: some folks swear they’ve never seen him without his signature cap on. Whether that’s myth or reality, it just adds to the allure of our resident tech maestro.

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