Paul Ross


Paul started programming in the early 80s on a Sharp MZ-80A computer. Paul progressed to writing demo code on the BBC B, Commodore 64 and later on the Amiga A500.

Paul’s big break came at Criterion Software in 1996 after he graduated in Digital Systems Engineering. He worked on Criterion’s early titles: Scorched Planet, Sub Culture, Airblade, Trickstyle before leading the online component for Burnout 3 which was EA’s first Xbox Live game.

Paul spent 16 years at Criterion before forming a small indie studio with his previous two colleagues. A few years later Stellar Entertainment was born and initially Paul served as CEO, CTO, Biz Dev and numerous other functions.

Today Stellar has grown into an international studio and Paul serves as CEO. In his spare time Paul enjoys long distance running, travel as well as having a slot on a radio station as a hardcore rave DJ.

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